Voices For The Arts

Raising our voices in support of The Arts and Arts Education because The Arts Matter!

If you had an opportunity to experience something that made a profound impact on your life, would you want to ensure that someone else could have that experience?  The art of experiencing art engages our mind, body, and spirit, leaving a profound impact on us.  The Arts have in the past and will, in the future, continue to make an impact on the society we live in.  Where else can we create something that is an expression of who we are and share it with the world?  The Arts give each of us the opportunity for an artistic experience that can move us and engage us emotionally.  There are countless people involved in The Arts (from cinematic arts, dance, music, photography, theater, visual arts, to voice and writing) who use their gifts, talents, creativity, and imagination to express themselves by creating something that will have a lasting impact on society.

We have a generation of young people coming up in society who will look to The Arts to give them an opportunity to express themselves.  My belief is every child has a gift/talent that is inside of him/her that needs to be released through The Arts to the rest of the world.  Unfortunately, we are now living in a society that does not see the importance or the value of The Arts.  We seem to be heading toward a point where we are “missing the mark” regarding The Arts.  We, as a society, have an opportunity to show the next generation how important The Arts are. 

The Arts have an impact on the lives of us all.  The Arts give us the ability to express ourselves through disciplines that speak to our hearts.  More and more, we are beginning to understand the impact that The Arts can have on our young people and on society as a whole. 

An Arts Education gives our young people a creative outlet to express themselves.  Whether they are educated through an Arts program in the schools, private lessons, or afternoon school programs, The Arts make an impact! Most of us who have been educated in these United States over the last seventy-five to eighty years have had the privilege of being exposed to The Arts.  Most of us can remember picking up a paint brush, or a musical instrument, or dancing to music in a dance class for the first time.  The feeling that one gets being able to express oneself through an enjoyable discipline makes the individual a better human being.

Each and every person who experiences The Arts is forever changed.  Some just like the feeling that The Arts give them, while others find a creative expression that can be turned into a career.  I urge and encourage each of us to take the time to remember the first time that you were exposed to The Arts (school classroom, field trip, or lessons) and consider giving that same experience to future generations.  With so many problems in our world today, we have a responsibility to take The Arts and pass the torch onto the next generation.—Sheila D.