Troubleshooting Intuitive Eating w/ Alissa Rumsey

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If you are like many of our listeners, you love the idea of intuitive eating, but you still have questions. Many of you email saying that you are having trouble applying intuitive eating to your life. Or that the “lack of structure” makes you feel unsettled. Others wonder if there is space for weight loss with intuitive eating. On today’s episode, we go beyond the basics with intuitive eating expert and award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist Alissa Rumsey. As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Alissa helps people cultivate a healthy and peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. In this episode, you’ll learn how to eat intuitively when you prefer structure, whether or not there’s a place for weight loss with intuitive eating, what to do when you “intuitively love to eat all foods”, & how we can create non-elitist intuitive eating conversations.

We also did something different with this episode by featuring a special guest, Paris Alexandra, the co-founder of BK Yoga Club. Paris asked some of her gnawing intuitive eating questions that we think you will also want answers to. We PROMISE this episode is a must-listen!!

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