Taking the Work Out of Networking

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Networking has garnered a reputation as a sort of necessary evil in the modern business world. Some do relish the opportunity to boldly work the room, introduce themselves to strangers, and find common career ground, but for many others, the experience is often awkward, or even terrifying.

The common networking advice for introverts are variations on the theme of overcoming or “fixing” their quiet tendencies. But our latest guest, Karen Wickre, is a self-described introvert who has worked in Silicon Valley for 30 years. 

In her recent book, Taking the Work Out of Networking: Your Guide to Making and Keeping Great Connections, she shows you how to embrace your true nature to create sustainable connections that can be called upon for you to get, and give, career assistance, advice, introductions, and lasting connections.

Karen’s “embrace your quiet side” approach is for anyone who finds themselves shying away from traditional networking activities, or for those who would rather be curled up with a good book on a Friday night than out at a party. 

With compelling arguments and creative strategies, this new way to network is perfect not only for introverts, but for anyone who wants for a less conventional approach to get ahead in today’s job market.

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