It just takes 5minutes of your time and gives a fantastic positive boost to your mind!

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By Stephanie Steggehuis, NLP Mindset & Time Management Coach at Just Know How Coaching,


Many entrepreneurs and business owners do this. It is also a fact that motivates you. The thing is that our brain focusses on what you feed it. Energy flows where attention goes when you feed it daily with positivity, gratitude, goals, and growth after a month your brain starts to see that that is what you want and want to go to! 

Journaling does not take a lot of time, and you can do it even on your phone; HOWEVER, many other coaches and I recommend doing it in physically writing because this stimulates your brain much more! 

How does journaling look, well there are many options given. Essential is to not make it too hard on yourself. Make it something easy to do, not time-consuming, but just enough to keep you motivated.

My journaling looks like this:

In the morning:

Write down two things you are grateful for

Write down three things that today is going to make great

Write down two affirmations to boost yourself

Write down what you like to achieve, BUT in the present tense (as if you have already achieved it)

 In the afternoon:

Write down two things that would have made today better

Write down two things that happened today and made you feel good! 

 Challenge yourself to do this for a month and see the impact it will have on you. Are you open to try it? If you already do it, how does your journaling look?

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