How To Successfully Start Out On Your Own When You’re Self-Taught

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Millennial Staff Contributor,

When you know that you’re a creative person deep down, you may have always wanted to pursue a creative career. However, this doesn’t always happen for us all. You may find that, as much as you love the idea of being a writer or designer or anything else, you just didn’t pursue it in school or right when you graduated. Maybe you had other ideas, or your parents did. Maybe you went down the law path or medicine or finance – or something else entirely different – because you knew it was reliable and secure. However, at the same time, it’s not all that fulfilling when you truly believe that you should be doing something else! When you want to be an author or go freelance or start your own design firm. So, you don’t, and you just keep on going. (Click the link below to read the full article).

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