How Cultivating Creativity Drives Critical Thinking and Innovation

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Innovation and critical thinking are key skillsets in business, but have you ever wondered what makes them possible?

The answer is creativity.

In speaking with the co-founder of acclaimed off-broadway show Blue Man Group, which was acquired in 2017 by one of the most renowned entertainment companies out there — Cirque du Soleil — whose shows have been seen by over 160 million people, Matt Goldman shared how a horrific school experience inspired him to co-founder the Blue School, a progressive independent school in New York City with over 300 students that explores creative ways to educate the leaders of the future.

Tune in to learn about Matt’s fascinating entrepreneurial journey and:

      • How you can harness your creative juices to drive innovation
      • How traditional schooling might be stifling creativity
      • What it takes to overcome the “real” entrepreneurial journey
      • Thriving in the face of learning disabilities
      • How a fun social game can foster creativity in ways you wouldn’t expect (and it’s up for grabs!)

Tanya Prive