How A Clear Storybrand Multiplies Impact and Profits with Donald Miller

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There are few things we humans enjoy as much as a good story. Doesn’t it make sense that brands should make use of that fact? This episode of Converge features Donald Miller, the brilliant mind behind the idea of creating a Storybrand. The insights he has gleaned from years as a writer and publisher about the power of story and the impact stories have on the human psyche are something he has powerfully brought to the marketplace through what he teaches about being a Storybrand. In this conversation you are going to hear Donald’s insight into a number of things related to the Storybrand approach, including the vital nature of clarity, sales being about relationships, taking advantage of things people can’t help but pay attention to, and what it means to invite your prospects into a story. Don’t miss this one, it’s full of jewels.

If you confuse, you lose. Entrepreneurs make that mistake all the time ~ Donald Miller

There are many brands that create an image of themselves that is cute and clever. Their slogans are ambiguous and their websites are trendy. But a customer has to jump through too many hoops to even make a purchase – and the brand missed out. According to Donald Miller, cute and clever cost a business lots of money. That’s because they obscure the message rather than clarify it and don’t invite people into a story, which is the one thing their customers cannot resist. Join Donald and Dane as they talk about what it means to be a Storybrand and how you can make use of the concepts Donald has discovered to improve the appeal of your business almost overnight. It’s a big promise, but one that he delivers on every day.

Storybrands effectively ask story questions of their prospects – and they reap incredible benefits

In every great story, there is a sense of intrigue that pulls the reader or viewer along. Questions remain unanswered, tension remains unresolved, and the hero’s destiny is far from certain. Becoming a Storybrand is about making your customer the hero of their own story. The role of your company is that of a guide, the one who comes alongside them to help them on their journey and get them to the place they’re really wanting to go. If your brand is going to be that for your customers you have to know how to effectively ask story questions that pull your customers along, just like the intrigue of a good story. Donald Miller is on the Converge podcast this episode to discuss the concept of Storybranding and to provide some great resources that you can use for free to amplify your message to the very people you’re trying to reach.

How can we use things that people can’t stop paying attention to in order to move our businesses forward?

In this conversation, Donald Miller tells a story about himself and his cousin in two different ways. The first way is pretty bland, includes a lot of details about who his cousin is and what he does for a living, and doesn’t provide much appeal to the listener. But the second way introduces elements of excitement, surprise, and intrigue almost immediately. It’s impossible to walk away from the second story indifferent. You want to know what happens. A good story is one of the few things people can’t stop paying attention to and it’s that reality that Donald Miller taps into as he helps brands learn what it means to be a Storybrand that significantly impact its customers in beneficial ways. Don’t miss this episode, Donald delivers some incredible insights that seem to be common sense after you hear them, but that you probably haven’t thought of before.

Stop telling your story and start inviting people into a story of their own

One of the basic principles of marketing and sales is that the customer or prospect is interested in one thing, their own needs, wants, and desires. Since that’s the case, why do so many brands make the mistake of telling their own story instead of inviting their prospects into a story of their own? By asking that question, Donald Miller has come to discover that crafting a brand message around a story that makes the customer the hero is a powerful way to advance the profitability and success of any business. In this conversation, you will hear how Donald has come to understand these things, the benefits he’s been able to provide to brands large and small through applying them, and a little bit of how his principles have empowered us to do a better job at communicating our message here at

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