Why Brand Identity Must Match Your Values with Krysta Masciale

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Brand Identity is at the core of every business, especially as it resonates with the values of the leader behind the company. Krysta Masciale is the CEO and Brand Strategist of BIG DEAL BRANDING. She is best known for her honesty and practical approach to helping audiences recalibrate and take action steps towards building a compelling brand. Her work has ranged from small creative businesses to multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. She has given talks to NGO and University audiences in Dubai, China, and India while speaking domestically at communities like Pepperdine University, Yellow, Identity Conference, and Think Digital. Her belief is that strategy and design go hand-in-hand. Clarity, team unity, a meaningful brand experience, and a robust bottom line is achievable when the two are fully integrated. Krysta has a Masters in Organizational Leadership. She’s a midwest native living in Los Angeles with her husband and son.

Your brand identity keeps you from prostituting yourself.

Brand Identity is often spoken of in terms of how you want your prospects and ideal clients to perceive of your business or brand. And that’s not a bad place to start. But it’s becoming more and more apparent that as often happens, businesses are not actually who they portray themselves to be. Krysta Masciale has spent her business career striving to bring her personal values into alignment with her business’ brand identity because she believes that none of her clients or customers will really want what she has to offer if the two aren’t aligned. She’s tired of being a poser, tired of foisting an image on unsuspecting clients who think they are getting one thing but are actually getting something different. And she’s tired of seeing business owners or CEOs who don’t realize that the inconsistency between their values and brand identity even exists.

Alignment between values and brand identity is often overlooked.

As a business begins, the founders are often very clear, at least in their own minds, about what their business stands for in terms of values. But as success and the rat race of business take their toll those values can tend to shift into the background, becoming less of the compelling reason than they once were. When this happens the business and its leaders can run on fumes for many years – a raging success in the marketplace perhaps, but with a growing inner tension that takes them close to the breaking point. Krysta Masciale helps leaders assess the consistency of their image as it relates to their core values and bring them into alignment for the benefit of the company, its team members, and the people it serves. You’ll enjoy hearing the authentic, straightforward way Krysta addresses these issues, so be sure you listen.

3 steps to assess the values alignment within your life and business.

When personal values and the activities that fill our lives become misaligned it’s difficult to notice and even harder to assess and correct. That’s why it’s helpful to have an outside set of eyes looking in on the issues and speaking the truth about what is discovered. Krysta Masciale and her business, Big Deal Branding serve business leaders in exactly that way, even providing individual coaching for 3-month stints to help bring values and actions into alignment once again – and the results of the recalibration is remarkable to see. You can hear the stories of how the reintegration of values and brand identity make a powerful difference and get Krysta’s 3 step process for addressing your own values-brand inconsistencies, on this episode of Converge.

The benefits of honest life and business can’t be underestimated.

Krysta Masciale has discovered that the most important and liberating thing in life is to be true to who you are – which not only means living and working in bold ways according to your bent and values but also ensuring that what you value the most is what you are most involved in promoting and achieving in the world. On this episode of Converge, Dane asks Krysta to unpack the benefits of living in the harmony between values and actions and Krysta reveals many great things that you may not have considered. You’ll be encouraged not only to look more carefully at your own life and business but to be a better person for the sake of yourself, your family, and your business team, so don’t miss what Krysta has to share.


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