7 Tricks to Navigating Crowded Destinations During Peak Season

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by Vivian Chung,

Intrepid explorers are dedicated to discovering places before the onset of mass tourism. But these days, it seems almost impossible to experience some of the world’s major sites — the Eiffel Tower, Coliseum and golden beaches of Maui — in a crowd-free environment, especially during peak travel season. While seemingly endless queues and aggressive crowds claim valuable travel time, it’s still possible to visit highly-trafficked hotspots in relative peace. Here are seven tricks to help you stay one step ahead of the crowds.

Book Tickets Online

Credit: Bill Perry/Shutterstock

By purchasing tickets online to a popular landmark prior to your visit, you avoid excessive wait times at the ticket office and fast track through security checks. Major attractions around the world offer this online service, allowing you to enter Venice’s Doge’s Palace, New York City’s Empire State Building or Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower when you arrive on site. Purchasing tickets in advance will save valuable time if you plan to visit attractions in the middle of the day.