Sunday, April 21, 2019

Business News

Creating Systems In Your Business To Give You More Freedom And Flexibility

By Anna Lundberg, Coach, Speaker & Writer, I believe that running your own business is the best way to get the freedom and flexibility that you want; and I’ve already shared some general principles on how to set up your business so that you get to realise those benefits in practice. In the next few weeks, I want […]

Creative News

Creative News

How To Charge For Design—Value Based Pricing

Creative News

AIGA DESIGN CENSUS 2019     The deadline to take the survey is May 4, 2019 AIGA

Creative News

How To Beat Creative Burnout

BY ANNA MEYER, Creative burnout–that specific kind of burnout that comes from having to produce creative product for your job, paycheck, or career– is something all creators come to fear. Whether it’s the struggle of getting words to the page, an image to the screen, or a design in the sketchbook, being asked to constantly […]

Academic News

College Award Letters are Confusing and Misleading

by Jill Schlesinger, Last month, I wondered whether college is worth it (answer: yes). Now with acceptances out, a new question has emerged: Why are college financial award letters so inscrutable? These letters are not only confusing, but also misleading. For answers, I turned to Kelly Peeler, the Founder and CEO of, formerly NextGenVest and now a […]

Travel News

7 Travel Tips for Businesses on a Budget

By John DiScala, Founder and CEO, Johnny Jet, Business trips are important investments that many businesses can use to help them expand. That’s especially true for startups that need the growth, but don’t have the funding to back it.  The good news is that traveling with a limited budget isn’t hard. Here are a few tips that’ll help you […]