Sunday, March 24, 2019

Creative News

Creative News

Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2019

The wait is over! The 2019 #AdobeAwards are finally here. Enter your best creative work and launch your career. Your future starts now:

Creative News

Design, Brilliantly. Add a Hint of Flash or a Touch of Wow.

Pantone Metallics for printed materials help make designs shine, dazzle, and attract attention! Whether you’re a graphic or packaging designer, brand manager, printer, or ink manufacturer, we have something new for you. 655 metallic colors for printed packaging, branding, logos, marketing materials, invitations, or announcements. Pantone Metallics provide a full range of dynamic light, medium, […]

Creative News

3 Ways To Gain Creative Focus

  You have a finite amount of attention to spend on behalf of the creative problems you’re solving. How you allocate that attention will often determine your success or failure. On this episode, I share three simple strategies for gaining creative focus and generating traction in your work.

Creative News

10 Examples of Powerful Global Branding

by The Logo Creative, Global Branding is not just translating your website to different languages and creating a few ads for the international market. If you want to succeed to such an extent that your company is not just another name in the business but a brand which is associated with high-quality service and positive […]

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    ‘You’re So Quiet!’ 4 Relatable Reasons Why

    by Lauren Reiff, Every introvert, at some point in their lives, has encountered the notorious, “you’re so quiet!” — said with some combination of wide-eyed amazement and tender pity. There’s often something sympathetic about this observation that makes us introverts involuntarily squirm. After all, we do not think there is something fundamentally wrong with our quietness, […]

    Wellness News

    How Fifteen Minutes of Reading Per Day Helped Me Reconnect with Myself

    By Carina Bonasera, Student Editorial Fellow, Welcome to our new section, Thrive on Campus, devoted to covering the urgent issue of mental health among college and university students from all angles. If you are a college student, we invite you to apply to be an Editor-at-Large, or to simply contribute (please tag your pieces ThriveOnCampus.) We welcome faculty, clinicians, and […]

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    Why the Micro-Trip Might Be the Coolest New Travel Hac

    by Amanda Reaume, With over 116K Instagram followers and thousands of visitors to her website each month, Elona Karafin, 24, has redefined what it means to travel as a busy millennial. Elona, aka “Elona the Explorer,” was working 60-hour weeks as a financial analyst in New York City when she started her blog four years ago, which documents her […]