Monday, January 20, 2020

Business News

Achieving Strength, Balance and Harmony in Business with Claudia Harvey

Claudia Harvey gave up a corporate career on Bay Street (the Canadian Wall Street) to bring an idea she had into reality — all over beers with a friend. Dig It®️ Apparel even caught the eye of the Dragons’ Den (the Canadian Shark Tank), and one investor was particularly interested in her idea. Hear the story […]

Career News

Cal Newport on Quitting Social Media, Deep Work and Digital Minimalism

In an increasingly online, social media saturated landscape, Cal Newport has worked to disconnect as much as possible. Cal is the Provost’s Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University.  In addition to his academic research, Cal writes about the intersection of culture and digital technology.  He is the author of multiple books, including the […]

Creative News

Creative News

How Nate Berkus has kept his creativity flowing for 25 years

Since he was a boy, interior designer Nate Berkus’s relationship to space has been one of “decorative turmoil.” (Click the link below to read the full article). Creative Conversation Podcast

Creative News

Generating Better Ideas: Brendon Boyle

Brendan Boyle, IDEO partner and founder of the IDEO Play Lab, joined us on the Creative Confidence Podcast to share how to bring more playfulness into your work. Get into a creative mindset and generate an abundance of new ideas with his favorite creative warm ups and group activities. See more on the IDEO U […]

Creative News

Working Pro Bono for Designers – When Should You Work For Free?

Most of the time I advocate for creative professions to get paid top dollar for the work that they do for clients. Either charge full price or do the work for free. But, when should you work for free? When you work pro bono. “Pro Bono” in Latin means “for the public good” and usually […]

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